Alcohol-selling establishments are an important part of the community providing many benefits such as jobs, tax revenues, shopping conveniences, food and more.

Underage drinkers often obtain alcohol by purchasing it themselves at off-sale license retail outlets or by having friends purchase it for them. In the majority of cases when youth under the age of 21 purchase alcohol, ID is not requested.

As a retail merchant and community partner, what can you do to help keep youth safe?

Create and maintain alcohol sales and services policies that every staffer must follow. Have a written policy detailing the steps your staff should take with every alcohol sale. Make sure your policy answers these questions:

  • What perceived age triggers an ID check?
  • What are acceptable forms of ID, and when is a second form of ID required?
  • What should be done if an ID appears to be fake or if a 3rd party sale (“shoulder-tap”) is suspected?
  • When and how should a sale be refused?
  • What records and supervisor notification are required when problems occur?
  • What are the consequences if staff fail to check IDs?
  • And don’t forget to list the state and local laws your employees need to understand!

Have proper “we check ID” signage in your store to deter underage drinkers. For signage in English or Spanish contact us

Make alcopops (sugary sweet alcoholic beverages such as spiked lemonades and seltzers) less accessible to youth by:

  • removing the beverages from store fronts.
  • not allowing the beverages to be available near soda or candy storage.
  • removing signage from store fronts.

According to a study done by Glasgow University, alcopop popularity surges among youth between the ages of 13 and 16. An Alcohol Policies Project study on alcopop determined that teens are twice as likely to have tried alcopop as adults, and three times more likely than adults to be aware of alcopop.

Host a Project Alcopop Sticker Shock (PASS) event at your retail location. High school students from Asheville Buncombe Futures Movement will sticker all alcopop style beverages within the retailer. Stickers remind buyers that it is illegal to purchase, provide or sell alcohol to anyone under the age of 21. The coalition works to have media coverage at each PASS event.

The Partnership can provide further training for retailers and staff. If you would like more information on merchant education, signage or how you can make a difference in your community. Contact us or call 828-348-2641.