Our Mission:


Partnership for Substance Free Youth in Buncombe County is a coalition of schools, businesses, non-profits and government agencies in the Asheville area with the goal of preventing youth drug abuse.

Join our mission against prescription drug misuse & abuse and prevention of underage drinking


Our Why

The Partnership for Substance Free Youth in Buncombe County is a coalition of K-12 schools, private businesses, non-profit organizations and government agencies in Buncombe County and greater Asheville area that is committed to keeping children away from alcohol and drugs. We recognize that the health and safety of our children is and should be a community effort. Joining forces with families throughout our community, we can take this important step in protecting the futures of our children.


Our Impact

We are helping youth communities be safer, healthier, and educated about the impacts of drug and alcohol. We create a strong sense of community among teens and young adults that advocate for their peers. We conduct Alcohol purchase surveys, engaging summits, unite youth coalitions, provide merchant education, assist with obtaining lock boxes, engage our community with drug take-backs, provide parent education and professional education.


Get Involved

We have numerous ways you can get involved and make a difference here in our local community! Thank you for being passionate about helping our youth stay substance free! Signing up for a program, volunteering, or making a donation are few of your options below.


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