Update on Home Delivery of Alcohol During COVID

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been an increasing demand for alcohol delivery and some businesses have been transitioning to delivering alcohol to homes and providing curbside pickup. 


A few important things to remember regarding home delivery of alcohol:

  • Legal hours of sale in Buncombe County:
    • Monday – Saturday: 7:00 am until 2:00 am
    • Sunday: 10:00 am until 2:00 am 
  • Individuals must be 21 to deliver alcohol. 
  • Individuals making deliveries may not consume alcohol prior to or while working.
  • Hard liquor may not be delivered in North Carolina.
  • Delivery maximums to an individual:
    • Beer: no more than 80 liters (9 cases and a 6-pack or a keg and 3 cases)
    • Unfortified wine: no more than 30 liters (10 boxes of wine or 30 bottles)
      • Unfortified wine is what is thought of as regular red or white wine and contains less than 16% alcohol
    • Fortified wine: no more than 8 liters (about 8 bottles)
      • Fortified wine has distilled spirits added to it and contains over 16% alcohol. For example: port, sherry and vermouth. 
  • When delivering, make sure to check the ID of the purchaser, making sure it is valid, they are 21 or older, and the person looks the same as the photo on their ID. 
    • Acceptable forms of ID are:
      • NC Driver’s License 
      • NC ID Card 
      • Out of State Driver’s License 
      • Passport 
      • Military ID 
  • It is illegal to knowingly deliver alcohol to someone that is intoxicated. 
  • A business and/or its employees can be held liable if it provides alcohol to an underage person or a person who is intoxicated, and that person subsequently injures or kills someone in an automobile accident.
  • Any person delivering alcohol may refuse to deliver to anyone, as long as the refusal is not discriminatory. 


Visit https://abc.nc.gov/Training/Driver/RegisterUser to register for a free online Responsible Alcohol Delivery Service Permit Training. 


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