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Preventing Youth Substance Abuse: A Toolkit for Middle and High Schools in Buncombe

County was developed by the Partnership for Substance Free Youth in Buncombe County to

Substance abuse prevention efforts in middle and high schools are usually led by school

counselors, school nurses, mental health professionals, or social workers. But it is important to

remember that no one—not the principal, not the counselor, and not the most passionate and

involved parent—can establish effective substance abuse prevention strategies alone. The

participation, support, and active involvement of others in the school and community are

essential for success.

Section 1

This section will help you know the facts surrounding youth Rx drug abuse and underage

drinking, resources to find information regarding other drugs, and school and community

resources to help answer your questions.

Section 2

This section will help you understand essential steps for adults to prevent substance abuse

including the warning signs, how to talk to youth, what to do if you suspect abuse, and how to

support someone in recovery.

Section 3

This section will help school administrators and other support staff with resources to assist

identifying students who may be at risk for substance abuse, signs of overdose and what to do,

and begin to identify community partners who can help provide professional development and

other support.

The “Resources” section is a directory of substance abuse prevention resources for the school community, including resources specifically for student use.